After being hardstuck silver for 4 years.. I reached Gold!

I'm not going to give you this huge success story on how i fixed my macro and my toxicity and i suddenly started climbing. Winning in league is RNG not skill based well not anymore anyway, There is only so much one person can do to carry a game and make it winnable. Sometimes games are meant to be lost, its a 50/50 winrate system you can have bad rng and good rng. Here's some things i did change on my way to gold. Stop fucking typing and disable allied chat - you're already halfway to gold. Play easy champions - annie, soraka, volibear less mechanics less chances of fucking up. Stop watching those dumb ass tier lists and youtube videos, They are all masters/challengers and they do not promote anything to do with low elo or average players. Pick YOUR favorite champion the one you have fun with and get good on them, in silver elo picks barely matter. And don't feel so bad about being in silver, you know? doesnt make you any less of a human being despite what a 0/15 diamond is flaming you for. Ps don't play ranked at weekends. The kids and man-children reign supreme.
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