3 Gold per ranged minion.

I was playing support Brand, our lane did great, lane phase came to a close, and we needed someone to push top back in while our team was dancing around mid. Nobody else was going, so I as support went top - nothing was in danger of happening mid since drag was dead and my team was just clearing under turret, so I figured I might as well just push in and finish the tier 1 top turret. And for my initiative and farming abilities, I got rewarded by cutting my fucking gold flow by 80-fucking-percent - yes, 3 gold per ranged minion, as low as 24 for cannons. Basically, by choosing support I become a slave to my team - I am unable to function solo. I'm not fucking _allowed_. Me trying to act like a legitimate laner not only cuts _my_ gold flow, but cuts my team's potential gold flow as well, because now there's a tossup between sending a support to clear a lane for fuck-all gold and sending a "real" laner to get full value out of a minion wave. Who _legitimately_ thought this was what supports needed? Who on your balance team? Like, I don't _get_ any other gold flow once the stupid fucking gold quest is done (besides 3 gold per 10, which if you think that's enough to keep someone relevant then you are some kind of dumb). This item rework is beyond awful and makes me dread the support role even more because no matter how I play, unless I steal **every single kill** we get in my lane, I'm going to wind up falling off hard at some point because my gold generation is effectively soft-capped. And I'm a fucking **support**, the amount of times the support is making enough gold to even be close to solo-carrying a game is like 1 in 20 games unless you're something like Senna or Pyke. Like, I understand you wanted to avoid making it so the support items couldn't be abused by farming laners, but - spoilers - **you already fucking did that with the previous support items, why fix what wasn't broken?**
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