Riotsapmagic famous words ! ranked ladder no difference between gold and silver .

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There is no difference between gold and silver in league of legends so if this true why dont you remove silver or gold from the game and then have people go from silver to platinum if this is the case! there is no difference between gold and silver apparently to riot team !! we only care about the 1% of the community that are in diamond and challenger !! riotsapmagic there is no difference from gold and silver meanwhile in the real world they have totally different values in the metal market but theres no difference when i can do this in to silvers run ghost and cleasne twicth q duration is cleary balanced is it ??? 14 seconds balanced reset the ladder for all ranks because theres people in the incorrect rank not just in high rank stop disowning low rank people like we are dirt on the ground or human trash as words of RAT IRL
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