Game is unplayable as an E-sport without having team voice chat

I have a friend who is very into this game and I would also like to get into this game heavily as well. However, not having team voice chat is a deal-breaker in any serious E-sport. I play overwatch mainly; the use of mics to communicate is essential. In the higher ranks, it is basically throwing if you do not at least listen to the rest of the team to coordinate hero swaps for countering the enemy, ultimate abilities, and spotting for enemy locations/flanks, etc... Please make this a serious E-sport by adding team voice chat with the ability to mute/report players if they are being toxic just like in overwatch. I would really like to join in this game and buy many heroes, but until team voice chat is implemented I cannot play a sub-par game. EDIT: This post is about high-level gaming where every second counts and looking away from your screen could mean a loss for your team. This post does not apply to lower tiers in the same way that balance issues don't really matter in lower tiers.
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