Any place for ADC mains in S10?

Please correct me if I'm wrong about anything here. First of all let me say the changes to the map and elemental dragons sounds awesome and I'm looking forward to it! My concern is, as an ADC main, I've noticed that top and mid are going to be receiving more EXP, while EXP in shared lanes such as bot are going to be reduced, as well as jungle EXP. On top of this, the CS poaching requires you to share minion waves with your support or jungler, or else the minions gold values decrease over time. This is an issue for ADCs, as one of the main goals is simply to hard farm for late game where you become more useful. An ADCs main build items are also generally vastly more expensive than that of most other roles, as well, support will now be getting their support item upgraded automatically and for free (saving even more gold) which is a really neat idea, but its even more gold towards the support. It feels like every role is getting buffed in some way or another while ADC isnt receiving anything but nerfs, in a game wherein low elo (im in gold) ADC is already a struggling role. If you fall behind, it is very difficult to catch up and you are much less useful compared to say a mage who is behind as they still have CC abilities to contribute to the team (say ahri charm). In a lot of cases, even tanks or other classes can do as much if not more damage than ADCs while being inherently tankier, such as AP malphite or Darius. My concern here is mostly just that a couple of seasons ago ADCs were so weak they were basically fallen off the meta, and I am concerned if it will happen again, forcing botlaners to choose AP mages, assassins, bruisers, or tanks simply because they are stronger choices.

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