This is why I'm Skeptical when "High Elo" tries to suggest tips to climb low elo

[img][/img] This game pretty much perfectly illustrates why I just laugh when other high elo players suggest that climbing is simply "Pressure." I literally level 2'd Kled, then killed Bot, then killed Mid, in the first 4:15 of the game. I gave every lane an absolute lead. But...... what happened? Entire team didn't exist, even with a massive early lead. Morde traded Kled Jinx inted the game away Bard left Jinx because she was inting the game away Katarina played passive until late game. _**If you follow the kill sequence etc on the second link, for about the first 30 minutes of the game, literally every kill position involved ME, and either me killing someone, or someone ksing me (Morde Ulted someone I was about to kill 4 times just to pad his kills)**_ Don't let the end game stats tell the story here: Jinx ended lane 44 cs and 1/6! Nearly all the kills are either Ults, or late game low HP Passive resets off other people doing the work. Things I did this game: -Even though loss, best Gold value on both teams -Even though loss, most damage on both teams -By far highest CC -Pressured jungle, lanes, and even engineered a 10+ kill lead. ----------------------------------- Why I couldn't win? _**Every time I even got close to pushing a turret, all 4 my teammates engaged champs they already fed, died again, and forced me to recall.**_ (Notice we didn't get a SINGLE TURRET?) Look at Morde Damage and CS Look at Morde/Jinx Wards By about 25 minutes in, I was 14/3/12, and was still kill-potent the rest of the game, to the point I was still soloing them. Teammates were 3/8 (Morde), 4/7 (Bard) 6/4 (Katarina), and 2/9(Jinx) by that point. People don't give a crap about winning. They care about punishing teammates who try to carry them.

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