If you think Rek'Sai is absurd on Summoners Rift, she completely ruins Twisted Treeline

I know Twisted Treeline is a meme for most and everyone knows that some champions are very strong on that map, but Rek'Sai completely ruins everything about it. There are no wards on the Treeline but her Tremor sense lets her know where everyone is. Most walls are huge and unflashable on that map but Rek'Sai's tunnel goes through all of them. She can enter bushes invisibly and if you're even a tiny bit away from tower you're basically dead. Towers are in the center of the lane and so close to walls on that map that she often just dives you then tunnels to safety before your team can even retaliate. Her damage is through the roof, her mobility is almost unmatched, and her domination on that map is unstoppable if she gets even a slightly ahead. I know nobody cares about Twisted Treeline and it hasn't been balanced around in ages, but for the few players like me who love that map, it'd be nice to see some of the problematic champions dealt with. Some champions are strong there, like Illaoi and Garen, but Rek'Sai breaks all the rules of the map and completely ruins the gameplay. For many Twisted Treeline games the game is decided in champ select. I hope the Treeline gets some love. Riot pls.
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