Dont let QSS remove Mords ultimate

I mean come on, the ultimate literally just makes it a 1v1, theres no hard cc and it only adds 10% bonus stats which isn't much. Plus, each rank of the ultimate doesn't even change anything except cooldown. QSS is far to cheap of an item just to make an ultimate whos main point is to change a teamfight % odds (in my opinion) be completely wasted. Or, maybe, if it does get QSSed, maybe mord's ultimate goes on a 10s cooldown instead of a full reset. I am so sick and tired of an item being just bought because of small amount of champions whos utimate has hard CC. I mean even with Malz's ultimate, at least he continues the tether until the person steps out of range. I mean Mord is basically, you ult in, enemy QSS right back out and now mord has to wait w/e timeframe to use it again. There has to be some incentive for Mord's ultimate seeing that a 900g item or w/e can instantly erase it with no repercussion. I guess the only advantage is making non AD based champs buy it for sole purpose of removing his ultimate. If you going to blindly apply QSS to w/e, then it should be applied across the board. For example, Yasuo tornado hits you and he ults? QSS to get out of air and take no damage. I mean still has to fight you in the circle and his cooldowns compared to today's league suck IMO. Just think about it.
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