Huge Cassiopeia nerfs...????

This post is in response to the current Cassiopeia changes on the PBE that went up today. as someone in plat with over 1.3 mill mastery points on Cass, I have some credibility on critiquing these changes. I'm not chally but I still think my opinions pretty good. The changes include a decrease in the minimum cast range on miasma. This makes it so she has more flexibility on where she lays it down. This, however, is not a big change. This change would be nice if miasma was typically used in response to other abilities. For instance, ezreals defensive spell, his e jump, can be used in response to aggression very quickly. Miasma is best used far in advance of the aggression. You use it at the beginning of the teamdfight to warp the battle field in your favor. For instance, it can zone people off, or block peoples eventual escape. Its never used fast. This buff they have makes me think miasma is a last minute defensive spell to protect you. If you are waiting that long to use miasma u noit only dont understand cassiopeia, but you dont understand how to position. to compensate for this "monumental" buff, they have amplified one of cassiopeia weaknesses, and taken away some of her strengths. To start off, they increased the mana costs of her e. Yes, it eventually costs less in late game. However, mana stops being relevant once you get lost chapter 10 minutes into the game anyways. These changes will only make mana LESS relevant after lost chapter, and amplifiy her LACK of mana prior to that point. This will make it almost impossible to not lose 1-2 waves as u inevitable get pushed out of lane. To make matters worse, her healing on her e has also been gutted, further etching a doomed laning phase for cassio mains. What I really don't understand about this nerf in particular, however, is that I do not understand if riot wants cassio to go q max or e max. A month or two back, when q max was being hammered out of existence with countless nerfs, they showed signs they wanted her to be e max. They did not like that she constantly had so much access to poking the enemy without being punished. Now it seems are hammering away at e max as well. It should not have to be said that giving her a small buff but amplifying her weaknesses by a mile is not smart or fair. Perhaps they think it fair that a scaling champion like cassiopeia should have an extremely weak laning phase? This may be true for champions like xerath and azir and kogmaw. Cassiopeia is not able to position as far back as these champions, however. A gold deficit on cassiopeia hurts much much more than a gold deficit on any of the other champions. This is shown by the fact that no high elo cassiopeias build rod of ages. We cant afford to wait for the stats at 20-25 minutes, if we want to win we gotta start building hella ap fast. Thats just how cass is. seraphs rylais then usually liandries, zhonyas if your adc is doing well. Cassiopeia having this weak of a laning phase is fuckin unfair. The changes to miasma cooldown arent great but we can live with them. However, the reduction of the slow is absolutely ludicrous. The only fuckin useful part of this ability is that they are grounded in it. THATS IT. they have nerfed the damage many times. Now they are nerfing the slow? Miasma is now utter shit in sieges and defending. Zed can just run the fuck out of it. WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING. Anyways I dont think this shit will go through, just like how the haunting guise changes got vetoed. I am fucking scared for the job security of whoever thought up these changes though.
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