Twisted Treeline 9.7 Ghost Poro Changes

In Twisted Treeline, the only semblance of a ward came from the ghost poro rune, which in high level play was standard on all junglers. In patch 9.7, taking away the original function of the ghost poro and having it come from the death of a ward makes it comepletely useless in TT and now takes away wards completely from the game. If RIOT were to do this on purpose, you would think they would at least reduce the cooldown of the trinket...its like 75 seconds or something right now. This means if you don't have lane priority you can't even check your own jungle bush by the health relic, as you will likely be dead. How is that even fun? Riot, I am asking as someone who only plays twisted treeline - and for everyone in our small community - please give something that allows vision so people aren't forced to pick/ban maoki every game. OR, for someone to pick teemo thinking its a good pick. Anyone who plays twisted treeline please get this to the right people who need to see this so we can see our bushes at a relative consistency.
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