Isn't it about time to fix the client?

Recently, me and my friend were playing duo bot lane in a game. All went well, it was a peaceful lane - until my friend's game froze completely randomly and forced him to alt f4 out and reconnect. This resulted in a free kill for the enemy Vayne and obviously tilted us both. Then, 20 minutes later, we were behind thanks to the free kill given early, but we were about to redeem it as we managed to win a 2v2. My friend Kai'Sa ulted under tower, expecting me to Soraka ult so he could secure the double kill. Except, my game had just frozen the exact same way, I had to literally alt tab, kill the process with task manager, and reconnect. My friend died and bot lane was now completely lost. We lost the game from there. How is this acceptable, exactly? It is not our computers. I have a powerful computer and this only happens with League, and it also happens FAR too often. It loses people games. This, and the locked camera bug, need to be addressed. Not to mention that half the time loot doesn't work unless you exit it multiple times, and sometimes the client randomly lags so hard you can't set up your runes before champ select ends and end up going into the game with unfavorable runes. I suppose the extra $$$ from Akali and Kaisa skins are more important than fixing the bugs.
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