They are burying Pyke.

I haven't played Pyke since they made him single target, not able to jung/mid, but; The nerfs they are putting in tomorrow make 0 sense in the actual framework of keeping him a viable champion. So...... they buffed the hell out of his R damage and R income,...... But the SOLUTION is to take the only champion who cannot gain HP...... and reduce his HP by MORE than the already nerf? Let me spell this out: Pyke according to the next nerf, is 1) Going to be forced to build lethality 2) HP scale to max 2130 HP, down from 2210, which is ALSO down from 2380 (His base HP growth has been nerfed TWICE.) And..... he can't build anything beyond that. -If a Mage nukes him for that damage, he's dead. -If an adc crits for 2100 (Caitlyn) He's dead. -If a Diana Q>R's him, he's 100% dead. There are a ton of instant sources of damage that deal 2130 damage, and that's his MAX Hp. He can't build to counter it Furthermore, these are the MAX numbers, so you need to consider: this is going to affect his HP growth at low levels too. And ofc, on top of that, the grey health recovery is going down too. By a LOT. Pyke is going to have to recall about 4 times as much because of the grey health nerf. If he's still able to. # Why is Riot doing this, instead of just taking away his double "Your Cut" or reverting his R buff?? That's what makes him feel strong now. 50% HP Executions. NOT his HP. Hell...... he can't even escape early game anymore because of mobility scaling to lethality he hasn't bought yet. Once again: I haven't played him since they took away his aoes. So this isn't about me. This is about Riot buffing an abomination, and then nerfing him in the dumbest way possible.
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