URF isn't bad this time around, it's the community

Sure, the crit buff and lethality, Zhoyna's etc. makes the mode innately toxic, but in actuality, it's the community. This game's community used to appreciate having derpy fun and toxicity wasn't all too common outside of ranked. Nowadays, the community just picks meta every single game in EVERY single gamemode (including ARAM, utilising rerolls) and toxicity is at an all-time high. To say that playing this game is frustrating is an understatement, as it well and truly feels like you're in a mental hospital as opposed to a video GAME. That's another thing, "game" used to translate to fun with competition thrown in, now it's competition with the possibility of fun. This is just fundamentally broken and makes it so that the only retention to games is the fact that you MIGHT get to a level where you can compete on a national or international level. In my personal experience, every single game of URF has been a sweatfest, with little to no fun for both sides (plus toxicity in the mix), with only toxic 0 counterplay champions being picked. I'd love to pick some fun niche stuff, but there's an AP Malphite and some other bullshit in my games. **tl;dr URF is amazing, this game's community is garbage** **UPDATE:** Just had multiple teams rush push to end. Epic.
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