Dmg/mobility creep has become ridiculous.

I actually don't know how to enjoy the game anymore. I'm playing it only because my pc is shit and I cant play anything else. Fuckin' pyke jumping 15 times, stunning you, pulling you back, as if that wasn't enough, he has a true dmg execute ulti, alright. Jax being broken for god knows how long, riot decides to buff him, alright. Every game same adcs critting you for 600 dmg from long range and you can't do sht cuz they have a fuckin' yuumi on them. Just... so many broken champs with so much mobility. Armor doesn't mean jack sht. It's just a game of who kills whom faster in 0.3 secs. It's sad really. I peaked d1 last season, ended d4 and thank god I haven't started playing ranked this year, because I can't handle this dumb shit anymore. It's such a coin flip that it renders playing the actual game meaningless.
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