Level up bots in PVP - They exist, time to fix it.

You ever seen people with a weird mix of numbers and letters before their name, usually with exhaust and ghost spells, and only seem to buy boots, wander in lane, and die 20-30 times? These are level-up bots. People use them to level an account up to sell on various sites so that the person doesn't have to level up by playing on their own. I've spent the better part of the last week reporting the number of them in the Rift, although they also queue into ARAM and Treeline as well. So, what I'd like to know from the Rioters here is... what is being done about it and what should we click in the reports? I use intentional feeding and cheating/third party software since it -is- third party software used to do it. Will there be a hotfix such as removing dodge queue timers for a while until this is sorted out?
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