PSA: Learn to actually buy Mortal Reminder if the enemy team has healing PLEASE.

Like come on it is NOT that difficult to notice that if the enemy team is composed of: {{champion:92}} with Conqueror, Death's Dance {{champion:141}} with Conqueror, Death's Dance {{champion:517}} - built in healing, {{champion:222}} with Bloodthirster and Fleet Footwork Support with Redemption ^ THEY ALL HAVE HEALS BUILT IN. And secondly *stop* buying {{item:3078}} and {{item:3071}} together. Choose one and then opt for better. If you are failing to fight Riven and Kayn not only because they are busted but also realize they are tankier than you and just healing up everything you put out, than no shit are they going to crush you. And I swear, our team's Jhin had {{item:3036}} , and no matter HOW many times I asked him to replace it with {{item:3033}} , it fell on death ears. It's as if you want to lose? Also, please do *not* buy two items with the Lifeline passive. They don't stack... If you can't be bothered to remember that Grievous Wounds significantly cuts healing, then do not complain when the Jinx always wins against you. The debuff makes a BIG difference in fights. Me with {{item:3165}} of course, saw a difference whenever I hit an enemy with my abilities, but of course I can't consistently hit all of them at the same time. But the 3 AD on my team (Jax, Jhin, Vi) who have to keep hitting to fight, could've... If not Mortal Reminder, then for the tankier champions, take {{item:3075}} PLEASE. Stop forgetting these crucial items because it can be the difference in a fight, especially ones with loads of healing. You can not build the same "optimal" build path Sometimes you have to alter it. Especially when the enemy team stacks armor against you with a {{item:3812}} and Conqueror on top of it. :) It isn't just for champions like {{champion:8}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:16}} . It fits in a variety of exists for that reason. You'll be surprised by the difference.
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