Every change since season 4 has just homogenised champion gameplay

More damage has been added (items, keystones, extra gold, infernal drake) more utility added (keystones, smite, air and ocean drake), more ways to sustain on the map (honey plant and ocean drake and more sustain from runes), navigate the map ( blast plant) and acquire vision the map (vision plant and crab). More methods to break sieges (earth drake, baron buff), turn around the game in one swoop (baron, elder drake), deny splitpushing (cloud drake, fountain move speed, more movespeed from runes, items), easier to snowball (turret plating, first blood turret), easier to countersnowballl (shut down gold, catch up exp increased, more jungler ganking presence), and so on. Ultimately, the changes have made things easier. Easier to win, easier to lose. This is because champion strengths have been increased, and their weaknesses reduced. This imo, has reduced champion individuality and identity, and has served to make gameplay more homogenous. Customisation? Massively down. Remember when Eve used to be able to build almost any item in the game and it wouldn't be troll? Remember how there were AP variants of most every champion? Remember how there was the meta builds, and then there was the off-meta builds that were, frankly, still quite legit so long as you were playing well? Remember how a lot of champions could function well in multiple roles, and even all of them if you were a one trick, instead of being shoehorned into a single role? (Biggest case in point, Nidalee) Remember how much you could customise runes? 30% AS, 16.4 ad, 22 arm pen, etc etc, gone. Homogenised. Boring. Whack.
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