Aaaaaand we're removing another 2 champions from playability because they're unfun to play against.

> Our starting point is that it’s good to see new picks getting used in different positions provided they’re not crowding other options out. Solo Lane Pyke, gone. Sona in the ADC role, most propably gone. Both of them pretty damn shitty to play against which itself isn't a problem but unfortunately they were played in mid and bot (AKA not top lane) So we of course go ahead and put them in the abyss of unplayability, how nice. Tahm Kench single handedly making 50% of the top lane roster unplayable when he is picked? Nah we need diversity here, he is fine. Mages running over top lane and basically removing any melee from the lane that can't deal with them? Surely unique picks worth preserving, they aren't crowding out any picks what do you mean? Top lane containing the most toxic crap to play against rivaling the silence era of DFG Leblanc? Just play safe lmao. At this point it's not even funny how top lane is left in the dirt, it's just sad.
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