{{champion:420}} This champ needs to be nerfed because: 1. you can't win 1v1 with illaoi (only when you have some super ultimate dodging skills) 2. she use E and thats it. when she hit you can wait under tower for 1000dmg or run away from range but then you can't farm or do something else because you need to avoid dildos hitting you from every side. 3. team fight king? yea it is because she can focus only one but her dildos will destroy everyone who is close 4. just building tank and still have this massive dmg. Aaaaand somebody will say thats enough BUT is not.... 5. she got heeeeals. imagine she is in team fight and everybody focus her because she got a looooot of dmg BUT she builds tank (because dmg is not need) so she can stay alive for few sec BUT when every dildo hits at least 2 or more enemy champs she will have that much heals! and its very very hard do kill her. so I'm asking mother of riot games please nerf it or nuke it whatever at least second point (2.) because is too much. thanks for reading. :-)
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