Can we stop the bullshit about tanks?

Look, Idk where you guys learned League of Legends, but something is fundamentally wrong with how people understand the issue with top lane tanks. Misinformation leads to more misinformation so it's high time people get some things straight. 1) League is a game that's balanced around *time* as well as a large number of other variables. Getting fed means you're stronger *sooner.* This means you can exploit your power curve before other people can deal with you appropriately. 2) *Flat pen does not beat armor. % Pen and shred do.* 3) *Burst rotations are not strong into tanks. DPS damage patterns are.* Why list these things out? Because people are spreading fake news around and stating that tanks somehow get shat on by assassins in 2019. This is hogwash. Now, there's a world where your enemy drafts some assassin, and they beat your ass looking like this {{champion:91}} {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3071}}. This is most likely due to them being 7/1/5 over your 0/5/2 mid lane {{champion:115}}. So if you're a tank that looks like this {{champion:57}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3211}}, we understand that this Talon's gonna do work on you but that's because *he's ahead right now.* If you, as a tank, catch up to the Talon and gear your itemization against him specifically, his ability to run through you, even while he's ahead, is reduced. Why? Because he can't dps to utilize Cleaver well, you can hold him down so people can wail on him, and flat pen is kinda crap against armor stacking. If an assassin gets the lead, they'll tear through people. That's their job. *If they don't, they won't.* A tank's job is to understand what needs to be mitigated so they can build into it and help neutralize those threats while their team takes as little front loaded burst as they can manage. It *doesn't* mean you can wade into a war zone of Veigar ults and come out with 75% hp. It *doesn't* mean you're entitled to run down people that are farther ahead on their power curve than you. Most importantly, it *doesn't* mean that it's Riot's job to throw off the game balance between offense and defense because people don't realize that fed carries do damage.
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