The Yuumi changes flat out miss the mark of what her problem is

**If you want to get directly to the main point, skip to the second heading text.** This is gonna be rough for all those who really like playing Yuumi to have to read - but Yuumi's issues boil down to her very kit, not just as a "backpack" champion, but to how it plays. To put it bluntly: Yuumi has **_zero_** counterplay. "But that's not true! Hard engaging on her in-lane is her weakness! ADC's make terrible frontline champions to try and eat damage with. So all you have to do is all-in her!" The problem with this argument is this: You are _not_ at any point engaging on _Yuumi_. You engage on her _host_. Yuumi is so removed from the action you have no means of actually getting to her. So that's just it, then. Yuumi as a concept is horribly flawed, can't be made to work, and will always have no counterplay. All right, team, that's a wrap then! Mystery solved, let's go home! **Now hold on.** I wasn't finished - there is actually a very key example of this kind of champion working well, made far, far earlier. #Let's look at the legacy of Mina, the original "backpack" champ. Back in season 5 going into season 6, there was a little up-and-coming MOBA that was supposed to face off against the likes of League and DotA called "Dawngate". It was actually pointed out as being an actual contender against League and while it was rough around the edges at the time, many game journalists pointed it out as being "how League should play", having a flexible and very open meta largely focusing on team composition and synergy versus picks and counterpicks. The thing is you probably never even heard of this game because this game hit open beta in May of 2014, had pretty much _no_ advertising done for it, was allowed to run in open beta for a total of 5 months before rumors started spreading that EA was thinking of shutting it down already (lolfuckingseriously), and then 2 months later in November of that very same year, EA announced they were going to shut down all servers in 90 days, closing at the end of January 2015. Welcome to EA's business model, ladies and gentlemen, and of course in 2015 EA registered Dawngate as a trademark just to really tell any of the fans that actually managed to get into the lovely little gem to go fuck themselves. Seriously, _fuck_ EA. But in that game, my favorite shaper (champion, whatever) was made: **Mina.** [To call her playstyle "bold" would be an understatement.]( When you picked up Mina, it was one of those rare occasions where you didn't just play support, you _locked_ yourself into it. Mina on paper is pretty much how Yuumi is - a champion that can't carry a game by herself but rather carries a game _through_ others. Without a team, she's very little - but as a team, a great Mina was invaluable. **But** while these two characters were similar in the base gameplay concept, how they _actually_ played is far different. Yuumi you build as an enchanter support, fielding mostly AP increasing items and things that let her heal and shield more. Pretty clear cut, seems like the most straight-forward approach to such a support. Mina on the other hand you built as a **bruiser**. Yeah, you read that right - health and power with small investment in resistances. This is because unlike Yuumi, you can _kill_ Mina while she's attached to someone as instead of just healing somebody with zero counterplay, Mina fed some of her own health pool into her ally as a shield - as the shield got depleted, it would damage her health, and the amount of shields you were giving out increased with your health pool. This means that instead of just hiding on an allied unit if you get low for the rest of eternity, Mina actually had to, you know, _worry_ if her health got too low because no matter what she could still be killed. But that seems like it would be a bit _forced_ into a kit, right? Like, the _only_ reason to build health is to provide more of a meatshield to your teammate. You'd still be piggybacking on them all the rest of the time, so that's just kind of a loose end in the kit. **Wrong!** The way Mina's dismount worked is that on impact where she landed, she would fear enemies in the area, meaning Mina's crowd control was tied directly to her putting herself in danger - and it was no small amount of CC, either, it was a pretty large area for about a 1 second fear. She then would place her W on cooldown after leaving, meaning no, she couldn't then just hop back onto somebody else consequence free - she had to actually _interact_. She had to be able to still _survive_. Meanwhile you have Yuumi who might as well just tab out and wait out the inevitable grey screen if she's ever caught outside her host. As for the other two abilities in Mina's kit, they were pretty standard fair as far as enchanter abilities go - a skillshot that provided a temporary damage buff on hit to either her or her host and an ability that would allow damage mitigation to her or her host. But it's not the enchanter style that made Mina interesting - it was the balancing of when to hop off, when to stay on, when the CC was needed and how much damage you could front yourself while still being able to stick in and aid your teammate, and the fact you could still provide yourself with power while being off your host which enabled you to chase different objectives from your teammates. The focus wasn't so much on her auxiliary abilities as it was on her primary trait as a support. Which brings us to the issue with Yuumi: she really doesn't _have_ many mechanics based on her dismount. It's basically eat the occasional critical skillshot and maybe proc a shield with an auto, which takes all of a fraction of a second on hopping off a friendly champ. Besides this very limited range of occurrences, Yuumi doesn't have very much in her kit coaxing her off of a friendly champion - so let's count the things telling her to stay attached then: 1. Better control over her Q while also making it stronger. 2. Adding adaptive force to her and her teammate free of charge - no input required, just need to sit on them. 3. A very minuscule health pool with even fewer resistances than any other champion in the game. 4. The fact that she has absolutely no buffs (let alone power in general) without being attached. #And that's the overarching issue - Yuumi still hasn't been given enough of a reason to be detached from a teammate and arguably these changes make her even _less_ inclined to leave a teammate. The things that were increased were: 1. Power of her Q while she's attached (Like... just, why?) 2. Adding even _more_ adaptive power to her and her teammate while she's attached. 3. A stronger base heal with better scaling that is slightly weaker on very low health units; charges removed, means less burst healing and more healing over time, which Yuumi is not likely to survive "over time". 4. A new delay on her W to hop back onto other champs, which while it adds an opportunity to catch her, it makes people playing Yuumi less likely to want to ever leave their host. All _four_ of these changes multiply the issue that Yuumi is, and that is that **Yuumi is not a champion - Yuumi is a fucking _buff_**. She is a **_stat_**. She's basically a keystone rune controlled by a different player than the host. Yuumi does not exist on her own _**at all**_. While Mina was geared to be able to interact with enemies by herself as well as on the backs of her teammates, Yuumi has _nothing_ to offer by herself, no bulk, no damage, no frontline capabilities - _**nothing**_. #Yuumi doesn't just need some number shifts and a delay on her W - she needs a real reason to be detached from an ally. Yuumi _needs_ a part of her kit to goad her into detaching for longer than .25 seconds or her gameplay will continue to remain completely unhealthy and devoid of counterplay. And no, a 210 point shield (generously assuming Yuumi reaches level 12 in a game) that scales 30% with AP really doesn't offer hardly enough reason to hop off when you could cause your ally to lose upwards of 40+ AD by doing so, and it's even less of a defensible reason when it's once every 20 seconds as a base meaning she's only interacting with enemies at most once every 12 bloody seconds (again, assuming Yuumi would be reaching level 12 this season). [Also just for convenience, one of the few gameplay videos for Mina left which should give you an idea of the disparity between Yuumi's gameplay and Mina's.](

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