Kindred E, Mounting Dread and Windwall-type Interactions

Windwall seems to have no operative "rules" for how it works. Pyke's phantom counts as a projectile, while Irelia's ult does not count as a projectile for its purposes. This is going to be a case for the final part of Kindred's E, Mounting Dread. The ability "Directs" Wolf to attack her target, instead of using her bow. Kindred, as a champion is NOT Lamb or Wolf but both of them and was billed as a champion who is both of them when they were released. Champions can walk through windwall, therefore Wolf should be able to go through windwall. When Kindred uses W, Wolf's Frenzy. Wolf is able to walk (float?) up through the windwall and attack yasuo. Why is this type of movement treated differently when compared to Kindred's E, where Lamb "directs" Wolf to move to her target. He is not thrown, he is not a projectile. He uses the same locomotion to move to targets while in Wolf's Frenzy. Malphite is able to ult through Windwall, but Wolf is not able to go through windwall (with regards to Mounting Dread). Why is one champion able to go through, while the other is blocked? Wolf is a part of the Kindred champion and therefore should interact with abilities as a champion.
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