So everyone is crying that Garen is broken for one patch, meanwhile...

Darius has been broken since juggernaut update in S5. Darius has always been a tier 1 champion since S5 update. Darius does everything better than Garen does at all stages of the game. How can you guys even say that Garen is broken? Riot forced Garen to completely change his first item from BC to Trinity Force or else the champion is useless. Garen has lost all his tankiness with the W nerf and his passive is a joke in the early levels. Don’t even complain about his ult damage. His ult deals like 1500 damage when the target has like 600 HP. That is 900 damage gone to waste. Garen cannot one shot with his ultimate when the target is full HP. The only broken part about this champion is the Conqueror stacking with his E. Why that shit went through I don’t know. If Riot remove the Conqueror and E synergy, then Garen immediately becomes weak again. Garen is not the problem here. Point your fingers at the overloaded, overstat bullshit keystone called Conqueror.
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