So riot letting league burn in favor of TFT

Do you want to kill your own game riot? You took 3 weeks to make a mess of a patch like this? Did NOBODY test it in A SINGLE SR GAME (all it would take to notice that the game was completely broken) in any of those 3 weeks? Or is TFT the only supported game now (as its the only thing thats working right now)? Not to mention we are getting 0 news about any ETA of solving this, theres over new 50 bugs (tons of them are gamebreaking), the game is borderline unplayable,ranked is disabled and lord knows when this all will get sorted (and riot is casually ignoring all this), but hey go buy some loot boxes i mean little legends and play TFT LUL as theres even a fking tourney running, thats what riot wants.
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