We should remove all penalties to dodging queues.

The title says it all. There's enough people playing the game to support this, but the key point I want to make, is that being trapped in the trench of no escape requires a modicum of team building and strategy. 5 squishies is not strategy. 5 champions with no hard CC is not strategy. Teemo is not strategy (stop picking him god damn I hate all of you Teemo mains, go play farmville). Dodging queues to avoid a 15 minute loss (inevitably turning into a 20 or 25 minute game because someone doesn't know when they're beat, or someone wants to troll the team and int for 5 minutes) seems like the only solution, but the penalties associated with it means there's no reason to even play League of Legends after one dodge. You might as well roll the dice and take the loss, or go play a different game. Which, of course, means you're done with League for the day cause that other game doesn't kick you in the nuts for wanting to play in any form of ranked matches.
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