Balancing Around Pro Play Sucks For Us

It does. Balancing EXCLUSIVELY around pro play is a horrible design. I understand that certain champions are just too strong in pro play, but how does that justify making the champion unplayable in solo queue? WE are the consumers, WE keep this game running. If WE weren't interested in this game, fucking pro play wouldn't save it. Balancing for pro play is important, but not EXCLUSIVELY, which is Riot's habit. Akali, Azir, Ryze, Shen. These are all rather popular champions that can no longer feasibly exist in solo queue. Meanwhile, in solo queue, since it isn't a problem in pro play, we have Spear of Shojin Jax and Fiora, completely outdated champions like Pantheon and Shaco... I mean cmon. I agree that you shouldn't balance for low ELO, but at least balance for solo queue. Find a different solution for pro play. I don't care what it is. Straight out ban champions in pro play, for all I care. It DOESN'T EVEN BEGIN TO IMPACT THE BAST MAJORITY OF PLAYERS.
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