Why nobody plays AD Fizz?

AD Fizz has been nerfed a long time ago; his bases have been nerfed and his ult no longer amplifies physical damage. However, recent changes made AD Fizz viable once again. The first of them is {{item:3124}} - this is THE new core item of AD Fizz. With that, Fizz can more than compensate his bases being nerfed, as he scales insanely well with AP, and this item alone gives AD Fizz everything that he needs. AP, AD, attack speed, an on-hit effect... This item even allows him to play like AP Fizz early, thanks to his enormous powerspike with AP. Then there are also the masteries. He can go with Fervor, having even more dueling potential, or Grasp of the Undying, having even more sustain. Finally, {{item:3025}} has been changed and it is now a much better item for AD Fizz, allowing him to finally reach 40% CDR when combined with runes and a Visage, without resorting to Frozen Heart. This item gives more damage to Fizz and a very good slowing effect. AD Fizz is insane as of now. I play him and he is super powerful and thanks to Guinsoo's Rageblade he is now capable of scaling well at the late game. The only reason why I think that people don't play him is that he is hard countered by some top laners, currently. For example, Fiora. She is the worst matchup that you can think of as AD Fizz. Darius is also a pain. Jax also scales well with Guinsoo and he can outduel Fizz pretty well.
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