Why do new players start with low gold mmr?

New players should not start with with low gold mmr. The average player is below low gold 4 so why would a new player start with higher mmr than an average player who has likely been playing for multiple seasons. Yeah maybe if there is a smurf they will be better than that but the system shouldn't try to cater to smurfs. If a new player were to start with low silver mmr that would likely place them much closer to the rank they truly deserve off the bat. Currently if you win 3/4 of your placement games you will be out of bronze. It would ruin far less games for someone who is genuinely new to the game to start low and climb as they improve rather than start higher and fall down to where they should start ruining games for others in the process. And it really sucks for them as well because they just get flamed for trying their hardest despite the problem being a flawed system.
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