gathering storm power shift for preseason

since we are coming up on preseason and we have time to try things why don't we do a power shift on gathering storm. Instead of giving you power every 10 minutes why don't we make it every 5. Example without real numbers (current): 10 min (5AD) 20 min (10AD) 30 Min (20 AD) Example without real numbers (new): 5 min (2.5AD), 10 min (5AD), 15 min (7.5AD) 20 min (10AD), 25 min (15AD), 30 min (20AD) Right now ADC almost exclusively go Inspiration with boots and biscuits as secondary. I don't want to give a power boost to it since it is infinitely scaling but a slight power shift might make it a viable option. Thoughts? edit: I know its a slight buff
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