Change or delete spear of shojin.

I think that this item is kinda meh for a lot of champions, but on a few It just works like a superman buff. Just was playing{{champion:24}} and bought spear of shojin after {{item:3078}} and{{item:3077}} . I just popped my r and went in on 3 enemy squad with my e. How funny it was when I just stunned them and after 1 sec I just popped my e again, They couldnt do anything due to my e dodge and r, I just deleted them. Just i felt for a moment like on urf with jax, while i have jump every second. The only problem was that after that i was drained out of mana. Now I think how op is this item on {{champion:58}} {{champion:92}} which even dont have mana, and also it boosts hp and cdr . Not to mention good {{champion:92}} is almost 1v5 champion even without this item. This item just gives too much powerspike for certain champions, and the truth is that even without it, they will still be good. Why should they have such an op item.
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