Please Nerf AP items.

Honestly, AP items have gotten out of control already that it amazes me that they haven't been touched this preseason. They are cheaper than AD items. provide better stats and even have better actives. It doesn't help that MR items are far to weak because almost all of the MR gets negated because 1 item {{item:3135}} can negate 40% of it. What i don't get is why does Luden {{item:3285}} have 10% CDR along side the passive that gives it an extra 10%. Luden's is already strong enough without the CDR because of the bonus damage it dishes out with its passive and the 90 AP it gives. also that its much cheaper than most AD items. DeathCap {{item:3089}} gives too much AP with its passive imo and needs to be nerfed like 5-10% of that AP amplification and it can get out of hand with champions like {{champion:45}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:350}} _~~granted Yuumi is alittle niche but you can make it go to absured levels of Adaptive damage~~_ Also Hourglass{{item:3157}} is too cheap for its cost. like raising it to 200-300 gold will be completely justified also might as well nerf Ryze and Vlad due to them being too strong and have too much burst/sustain damage. Hell, rework Both Ryze's and Vlad's passive to make it easier on everyone and open up alot more interesting mechanic for those 2.
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