I have no clue how ADC mains play this role with any regularity.

A stray skill shot touches you? Half your health is gone. Some dude is AOE'ing a teammate? You magically get ticked once and have to recall. You see assassin, fighter, bruiser, mage, or fucking oatmeal cookies on the other team? Instant death. Your support is slightly worse than their support? You'll sit under tower and get killed by the enemy ganking you over and over. You die once to their ADC? Well there is no cooldown on right clicking which is the only stat that matters, so they'll have more AD and continue to farm you. Your team won't protect you in teamfights? You sit on a gray screen all game and hope your team can win. Also, fuck playing against Brand and Zyra. I truly don't understand how you people do it. I mean, when you get super fed and hard carry the game and just delete people left and right it feels super good but those games don't happen often and usually you just kinda help get a few kills before getting nuked by one of the various ways to die in this game. I play every role a ton too, probably like 35% jungle and an even distribution between everything else, but ADC lately just feels so bad to play. I feel like I'm a little kid with super powers who has to be carted around in a stroller by his mom or some shit, it's ridiculous. If you're out of position (or not, sometimes) for one half of a split second you are instantly dead. Not a fan.
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