Truths about fps and crash bugs - Riot ignoring players

Good afternoon young people! A few dozen tickets have been opened at Riot Support , about fps drop, crash, connection drop that players have been suffering from over 4 patches but Riot havent´t done anything so far. Be it crashing, fps dropping, high ping, freezing and people unable to get into matches or giving bug splash, either in SR, TFT, ARAM or URF. and Riot won't solve it .... Simple as that, until preseason riot will not solve this problem, perhaps for convenience or the team is focused on Pre-season. Senna and the True Damage skins are out, there are a lot of people talking about how Senna is broken or about the skins and soften the issue, but the problems continue. I know that League of Legends according to riot responds has a 20% Riot team to work with, only League of Legends and the others are in the new projects, but it seems to have forgotten it here, honestly. Instead of opening posts, I advise to open a ticket with support and the print of some posts that were opened here in the forum, it seems that Riot is ignoring the players on purpose and we will only have some stability in the preseason I can't stand the ticket anymore or use the Hextec Tool, it solves these problems at once! there will be a day they will ask in the forum: automatic farm on lol and... sorry for my bad english xD
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