Why is Blind Pick still part of the new player experience?

So a couple of my colleagues at work have all just started playing League of Legends together and they invited me to play when they found I already played. They don't like Draft Pick because most players at their level all have access to the same champions - meaning who they want to play has a high chance of either being picked or banned, regardless of who that is. However, I had completely forgotten how much of a trash fire Blind Pick is. You've got * Players fighting over whether or not "pick order" or "call order" has the priority for determining who gets to play what they want * Players who have no idea what's going on being expected to pick champions that are good at their assigned positions, regardless of whether or not they have any champions for that position or whether or not they even wanted to play that position * Players who only have experience on literally one or two champions not getting to play those champions, or not realizing why those champions won't work in any position * People who instalock due to either not caring about the above, or because they aren't aware about the above and are just picking the champion they want to play oblivious to everyone else. I'm genuinely surprised that this game retains new players when Blind Pick is their introductory experience. How about: **You select your position and champion, and then queue up.** Matchmaking builds you a team. Matchmaking could even build yours and the enemies' team at the same time and attempt to make it "fair" - such as not matching ranged versus melee top. Then, just add bonus experience for positions that are in-demand. Alternatively/additionally, add a Flexible option that allows matchmaking to find you a team and then you can pick your champion to fit the available space. If there's no Flexible option - you could go straight from Match Found to the game (like TFT). However, Flexible would necessitate a short champion select.

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