From the looks of masters, Dark Harvest is the problem with Senna

46.5% Win rate in Masters as Support Senna. 53.54% as adc Senna. The quirky thing is..... the nerfs that hit her all visibly impacted adc Senna more than support, other than Q losing 10% AD. The one major difference (other than abusing hard CC supports....) is that ADC Senna is now using Dark Harvest. Support doesn't get the damage nor the "safety" to really abuse her passive on champions without using Sorcery and Manaflow band, which is why people have been going Aery for her, especially in elos where every poke is punished (and Jinx and Caitlyn have emerged has hard counters to her) In other words; there's a very real dilemma that needs addressed here: -Does Senna become a heal-exclusive champion by adjusting her EVEN MORE away from being able to do damage to get her out of adc? -Does Senna just get nerfed into unplayable Oblivion? -Does Senna lose her CC, so that she can't duo hard CC champs and get champ locks? -Do Hard CC supports as a whole get nerfed just so that Senna can exist with them? -Does Dark Harvest get further reworks so adcs who use it in conjunction with hard CC supports get over stacked early in the game? Because that's about the 5 options left. And I don't want a "Nerfed into Oblivion Scenario." I want a "50.5-51%" support and at best 50% adc Scenario!
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