Why does IE have to be overpowered and the other items have to be crap?

Whats the point of reverting IE?. ADCs will still need 3 items to do damage, just like right now. its absolutely pointless. regardless. nobody enjoyed getting 3 hit by twitch or vayne or tristana, yes I do agree crit carries are weak. hell I even asked for buffs a while ago but this is not how you fix things, you dont post a suggestion thread posting multiple "Fixes" to the items that do NOT solve the issue the Issue is that THEY DO NOT DO DAMAGE until they get at least 2 and a half items. zeal items DO NOT give attack damage, IE doesn't give attack speed, crit needs to be stacked to get consistent damage When will you realize that the problem it critical strike itself?. when?. Like its beyond me,. Phreak posted an amazing video that I agree with for the most part on the problem. to summarize, he said that having champions that rely on auto attacking people to death is uninteresting to play with or against, such why they need to give them power in their abilities that scale with levels and base stats. so they do damage early and mid game regardless of how much crit they have. nobody wants to go back to the same meta that existed a year ago that the enemy crit carry 3 shots squishies and your crit ad carry heals the enemy tank because thats how stupidly designed crit is.
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