Jungle experience scaling nerfs will have absolutely no effect on jungler effect on the game.

I've been looking/thinking over what Meddler said about jungler experience scaling nerfs coming in the next patch or so and I can't help but feel that these proposed changes from jungle camp experience are not the appropriate way to deal with excessive jungler presence in the lanes. Early ganking junglers like Camille, Lee Sin, Xin Zhao, and others are going to have high presence in lanes early for the simple fact that their kits allow them to have high impact early. This is not going to change because reduced camp experience doesn't kick in significantly until later and experience given for getting kills in lane is remaining constant. This will incentivize those gankers to keep doing what they are doing. These junglers will keep ganking because that is what they do regardless of whether they are down two or three levels from a laner, their presence will not change in 2v1 or 2v2 or 3v2 scenarios. All you do is potentially increase the risk of death when ganking. What else are they going to do if they have full cleared either one or both sides of their jungle? They gank! These changes really only hurt one archetype of junglers, the power farmers {{champion:102}} {{champion:11}}. They are less successful when ganking because of their lack of CC and thus would prefer to stay farming in the jungle. For one thing, the best way to keep junglers in their jungle is to increase the up-time on jungle camps. If you reduce the spawn timers on basic camps in conjunction with reduced experience, you force the jungler to spend more time clearing their camps instead of ganking. Another option is to reduce jungle camp damage and increase jungle camp health. This will keep junglers preoccupied with their camps rather than ganking immediately within the first few minutes of the game. Reducing scaling experience WILL NOT have the intended effect. The only effect it will have is to further limit the list of viable junglers to those who can effectively gank and kill lane opponents early, thus guaranteeing them increased experience over any other jungle archetypes. All other junglers will be significantly outmatched by their gank-heavy opponents without having any way to keep the playing field even.
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