Now that CONQUEROR & SANGUINE BLADE hit live servers we need to have GRIEVOUS WOUNDS on OBLIVION ORB

Title! Nothing is more frustrating than knowing your Top-laner lost hard (0/4/0) against an {{champion:420}} {{champion:266}} or {{champion:36}}, and you just completely ignore him, leaving him on a lonely island up there because you're AP jungle, and you cannot build {{item:3165}} because it will delay your powerspike items (even if you do is too expensive), and if you try in doing so you just end up giving to the enemy top a double kill. Thus you leave the poor guy alone, in tilt and the frustration that he has to completely give up the lane just to stay alive a few more minutes than usual. My idea: Remove flat pen from oblivion orb and replace it with grievous wounds, or create a separate item that gives the anti-healing stat, that combined with oblivion orb and gold gives the full classic normal morello. Nothing changed from original item, but the build path. [REPOSTED](

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