Where's my support item as a melee tank support?

I see the new support item changes, and can only think... What {{champion:44}} am {{champion:201}} i {{champion:12}} supposed {{champion:53}} to {{champion:89}} build {{champion:111}} with {{champion:98}} my {{champion:14}} severe {{champion:106}} poke {{champion:31}} susceptibility {{champion:54}} and {{champion:3}} low {{champion:79}} regen? Thanks for just utterly gutting any and all melee champions in bot lane. We get it, you only want to see high burst pure damage casters. We get it already. It's forbidden to play champions without extremely low mana costs and either high range or high {{champion:555}} sustain. So where are we supposed to play all the melee tanks that each have abilities that cost 80+ mana at level 1? That's 40% of our max mana pool. With lower mana regen than any other champion class in the game. And now we've lost our health sustain as well. Am i supposed to bring {{champion:44}} into top lane with his extremely low base health, gutted base armor and ridiculous mana costs? Am i supposed to start playing {{champion:111}} in mid lane just because the pros pulled it off once or twice? Are you going to pretend {{champion:12}} has been a viable jungler for the past ~~three~~ four years? No compensation buffs whatsoever? Nothing? You just completely forgot these champions existed because you were so obsessed about all the fancy burst mages and assassins in bot lane and their upcoming pop star + prestige skins? Just another slap in the face to tank players. I get that we're supposed to soak damage but i wish it didn't have to be psychological as well. Believe it or not, we actually do like being able to play the game. We don't just want to get hit by every new wide-hitbox skillshot on the new super-kiter CC-bot ranged champion/caster of the month.
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