HotS teamfights have significantly less damage than League's

One of my friends suggested we try playing some HotS (Heroes of the Storm, for those who don't know) recently, because it had been so long since we last played. The game felt so surreal - teamfights were lasting like 15-30 seconds because people were constantly healing, and no one was getting blown up. Healers healed, DPS dps'd, and tanks tanked. There was hard cc being thrown everywhere, and no one was instantly nuked because they got hit by a 1 second root. It was so different than the fast-paced "land your skills before they do" mentality league currently has. I got blown up once while splitting as Jaina (a mage) because the other team had some assassins - GOOD. This is how assassins *should* play - catch people offguard who are squishy, and too stupid to realize it. To tie it all together, I was thinking about league somewhere around season 5, when League's teamfights would also last (at least) 10-20 seconds; now they're over 3 seconds after the first hard cc lands. What has caused the damage creep to escalate so exponentially? New champions having to outdo the previous ones? The need to speed up LCS games to make them more "Entertaining" (they've become far less entertaining by the way - I much preferred the extended teamfight management from LCS players that consisted of more than just landing your skillshots and surprising the enemy team)? Why is damage so high, and how should Riot go about reducing it? I can't say. But I'm hoping you guys have at least some idea of what I'm talking about, and some kind of suggested solutions.
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