Laners taking jg camps

Since Riot wants to keep screwing junglers over on literally every patch since season 3 or 4, and they even seem to have a problem with junglers taking lane cs, why don't you punish laners for taking our camps? I just lost a game because I had the worst ashe in the world and she kept taking my jg camps and cut me off completely. I was like 7/1/6 with decent cs, TRYING to get S rank for a chest on nocturne when this ashe started taking every single camp, then running it down mid and dying. Not only did I end up with an A+ because I died a couple of times out searching for cs and over-extending just to get a few cs, but we went on to lose a game which I was on the fast track to winning. Maybe stop trying to help laners and screw junglers over and make it so someone has to have smite to hit jg camps? Or go a stop further and make it so that without smite, they can only take enemy camps? Then people wouldn't be stealing blue/red all the time as well. Edit: Before the trolls start in, yes it's my own fault for 2 of my deaths being from overextending, but I was basically left with a choice, get 0 cs and don't get S rank, or overextend for cs. So in other words a teammate literally made it logically impossible for me to get S rank, all because laners can take the junglers camps all day long.
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