Riot do something with smurfing!!!

Hi guys. I am a little upset. I returned to LoL after 2 years break. My max was D2 on EuW by playing skarner top. I decided to left league, because riot was completly neutral about skarner ( but that's not important ) and mainly **because of the smurfs.....** Currently i am in DIamond 2 and winning most of my games. I have 70% winratio in the last week. But unfortunately i have enough league of legends at the moment. Why? Every f..... day i enounter on opponent which is a smurf with 80% + winratio...Now i lost my promo to Diamond 1, because my first opponent was twitch with 80% winratio, and next game duo smurfs vayne + lulu with 85% winratio. Yesterday my oponents were katarina with 98% winratio ( 56 games and 1 lose) duoQ with Jarvan4. It's SUPER unfair, because i havej ust got 2 free loses in a row in my promo...Ok, i am super unlucky, because i got 5x in a row smurfs in the enemy team ( i can show you screen if you don't believe) but in my opinion smufing should be bannable.... This is literally roulette, not the game.... I lost 100+ LP because i had 5x in enemy team smufs from challenger... I mean smufs from platinum/diamond in gold/silver are not big problem, because they often do not understand the game, but smurfing twitch /evelyn/ katarina as a challenger in high diamond is a literally bullshit.... Smurfing is the biggest problem in high elo, because there are only a few players and i enounter a smurf every single day!!!! Ok, that's not in every match, but now i lost promo because of smurfs, and previously same situation......-_- ( btw i am not crying, just telling you HUGE problem that i decided to stop playing LoL 2 years ago and i will probably make the same decision again...I am tryharding to gain LP, and next im losing literally for free, my impact is literally 0, because i play toplane and smurfs usually play jungle/mid/adc and during mid game they re super fed)
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