We've been wrong all this time.

For years, I've heard people preach that the community is toxic. The game is hard to play because of all these insufferable gits saying this or that when you're trying to just enjoy the game. That if we could just fix the toxic community, most of our woes would be solved. I have discovered in my sampling of games since full muting both chats that we were wrong. For the past 50 games, I've maintained a record of my general mood at the end of the game. In all these games, both team and all chat were muted. Emotes were muted. Pings were volume muted. I gave myself the fewest stressers possible. What I discovered was that irrespective of wins or losses, I **found myself in a negative mood after a full _82%_ of the games I played**. A further **21.9% of those left me feeling what I classified as "extremely negative"**, such that I actually had to stop playing and do something else entirely. Interestingly enough, I feel that I enjoyed the game _more_ when I listened to toxic players, because at least in that case you had something to laugh at. Why was I upset? Well, in 32 of the 41 games in which I came away feeling negative (a full 78%!), the primary annoyance I cited was displeasure with a specific champion that was in the game. This was usually contained to the same dozen or so culprits I've had problems with for the past three seasons, incidentally. It wasn't the way the champion was played that bothered me. I had a specific citation set aside for "opponent or teammate's skill" (which I only ticked two times in 41 unhappy games). What this particular citation meant was that I was displeased with the way a champion's kit allowed them to control the game with little effort and minimal counterplay opportunities. Interestingly enough, every single "extremely negative" game was attached to this citation. In short... As it turns out, it's not the community that's toxic. It's the game. My theory is that the game spurs toxicity, leading the a volatile community. The game is toxic, and that is not a good sign.
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