Why are there more Male Champions??

Riot, I write to you with extreme anger towards the sexism you've inserted into the game. I do not understand why the imbalance between Female to Male champions **even exists.** In our world, we have about the same amount of females as we do males. However Riot intentionally creates 75% of their champions as Male rather than female. and WHY exactly? Can females not fight? Can they not be violent? The worst part is, not only have they been creating LESS females, but they've been making them uglier and uglier. Like seriously? {{champion:163}} ? Bitch can pass as a man any day. {{champion:145}} ? she looks as FLAT just like my morning coffee. Wait, let's not forget {{champion:142}} ! Now females are being portrayed as Disney characters because Riot refuses to create a hot adult woman. What a pathetic company. I've lost all respect for you Riot.
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