Can someone tell me why Kai'Sa is still the best adc in the game over a year later?

So its been over a year since Kai'Sas release, and she's consistently been the best adc in solo queue and has had a respectable worlds presence at 40% As of me typing this, Kai'Sa has a 47% winrate in solo queue, with a staggering 37% pick rate. Now, to the untrained eye you may think "Well, that doesnt sound like she's the best adc in the game. Her win rate is only 2% over Kalista, with a 45% winrate and a sub 1% pickrate.' Thats the thing, so many people pick her and play her terribly because there are a lot of people who pick her when they're autofilled because they see her as often as they do with that high of a pick rate. Looking at Kai'Sas kit she has the best of all of the historically best adcs in the game. (aside from Xayahs untargetability,) She has single target burst with waveclear and pushing power, long range poke which stacks her percentage missing health damage passive, she has a movement ability which is also an attack speed steroid and invisibility thats not linked to an ultimate like Vayne's is. on top of all of that she has an insanely long range dash with a massive shield on her ultimate which isnt even a long cooldown at 110/90/70 seconds per point in it. Lets look at the winrate of the top Kai'Sa players according to (for consistency of course.) According to NA OP.GG as of writing this post: XXXXXXL - 51% winrate with an astonishing 1131 games on her. Jasonmankkl - 52% winrate with a slightly less impressive 851 games on her. Iibo - 53% winrate with 768 games on her. minui - 54% winrate with 624 games on her. 07316636- 53% winrate with 615 games on her. Now onto Korean Op.GG 복숭아충 - 52% winrate with 1466 games on her. 빵떡수정이 - 50% winrate with 1260 games on her. 서투른 춤을 추는 - 56% winrate with 1092 games on her. 놀라운원딜러1 - 52% winrate with 1038 games on her. 구너상 - 50% winrate with 1006 games on her. Now onto EU West Op.GG Videssy - 49% winrate with 1285 games on her. Euzi - 52% winrate with 740 games on her. Sâyê - 56% winrate with 717 games on her. wésper - 53% winrate with 694 games on her. Skilada - 49% games with 681 games on her. Only two of every regions most devoted Kai'Sa players (top 5 in each major region) have a sub 50% winrate. There have been several champions as of recently who have been nerfed or changed in meaningful ways when they became popular within months of their popularity skyrocketing such as Xayah, Rakan, Aatrox, Akali, and even Yuumi. Why has it taken Kai'Sa this long to get hit by the nerf hammer this long since her series of ridiculous buffs on patch 8.11? Even then all she's gotten is band-aid nerfs like the nerf to her Q minion damage, and her E attack speed steroid. Please for the love of god nerf her safety of all things. **_Her ultimate does not need to be the cooldown it is, especially since she can easily include a freakin Zhonyas in her build path. She's far too safe to be one of the highest damage late game hypercarries in the game. _** My proposal to nerf her? Give her ultimate an actual cooldown at all ranks, or force Kai'Sa players to invest more than 1-2 items to actually get her skill upgrades by increasing the stat breakpoints for it. Those of you who agree or disagree feel free to discuss in the comments below. I doubt riot would ever see this or pay attention to this, but I feel like this needed to be said by someone.
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