[EXPOSED] Hidden secret on how to get your support to peel, and protect you all game.

It's no secret that this meta right now is terrifying for ADC players. Assassins are back, there are Swains and whatever else bot lane now, and in this 'early game early game' meta, bot tower is focused much harder for that first tower bonus. Pretty much more than ever, we need supports to have our back like 90% of the game. So, how do we accomplish this? Could you imagine being an ADC player where your support protects you and lets you do all your fancy plays? Amazing! ..... but How?????? The secret is.. Show them you appreciate them!!! Tell her that was an epic heal. Compliment his zoning ability. Call them Madlife or some other professional support after they make an awesome play. Make your support look and feel good PUBLICLY (no emotes). You'd be surprised how they stick to you like glue when you show them how much you appreciate them. Everybody needs a little love and recognition once in a while. I promise if you try this, you are going to notice a MAJOR difference with your supports, and probably your other teammates as well. {{sticker:leblanc-funny}}
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