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Can we have options to sell more champion shards other than just having one being sold at a time? It is quite tedious to always have to sell one champion shard at a time let alone having to sell 100 of them but one at a time. Also there are bugs where if you have 3x of a champion shard but sell it, it can at times bug out and sell 2x instead of just the 1x and you'll only receive the BP for the one champion shard. Example: Lucian champion shard is 1270 or something BP, sell 3 = 3*1270 but if it bugs out you will be selling 2 at 2*1270 so in theory you lose out on a LOOOOT of BP. Granted BP is annoyingly annoying to gather in the first place. I don't play this game as much as before, so any shortcuts to make this game any less easier is great in my book.
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