At this point, it's very clear that we need a 4th keystone option for every path

It's been 11 days since the new runes are here and is already very clear that a lot of champions simply doesn't fit well any keystones available right now: - The [Press the Attack] keystone doesn't fit well most of the old Fevor of Battle bruisers (with some exceptions of course, like Jax due to his mixed damage). - Some mages really miss the [Deathfire Touch] (DFT) and there's no equal or similar replacement for it in the Sorcery tree. - There's some champs that doesn't have any decent keystone option such as Nunu (that isn't better with others users of said keystone). - Some champs only have one decent keystone option and can't really choose their playstyle besides minor rune choices. Creating an additional keystone for the paths that lacks some options would be easier to do, but it would be unfair. That's why i think that every path should have a 4th keystone. This is something that needs some urge, since most of those champions without fitting keystones lost a lot of winrate % and that created the situation of "Who else uses better the keystone wins".
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