Do junglers have too much impact?

Junglers are both the most important role in the game. That's a statement I hate typing out but the more I play league recently the more it rings true. Every game you play, the jungler is the biggest factor in your laning phase, your objective control, and your overall game experience. They decide when to drag, when to gank, and who gets to have a laning phase without the hairs on the back of their necks standing upwards. They go for the objectives on the map that provide benefits to the entire game's length, and when they fight each other, whoever wins will usually dictate the game state from that point on. It's a difficult role with many jobs, all of which depend on your laners to do what you need them to when you need them to. However, with time the game has leaned harder and harder on them. Their camps spawn slower, they give less XP, and they're forced to go to lanes and sway the game in their favor by causing 2v1's in solo lanes or 3v2's bot lane so they can do anything mid game. If they try to AFK farm they'll be left with 30/45 seconds of nothing to do since the camps don't respawn cleanly after a full clear. This makes them the determining factor in multiple lanes during laning phase. The impact they provide is too great and entirely dependent on how strong their level 3 gank is. What is a laner to do when the jungle decides to focus them? What is the team to do if the jungle's focus prospers and gets them a lead? How do you play around a poor jungle? Why are the answers to all these questions "pray for a better jungler and FF"? Now this could be a bigger issue with snowballing and lack of commitment in the player base for longer games coupled with the constant push towards shorter and shorter games...but that's just a theory. A league theory! Thanks for reading! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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