It sure doesn't feel like Riot wants you to climb in ranked

This is very apparent when they encourage competitive League Of Legends like it's the second coming of Christ. ESPECIALLY the LCS advertisement no one asks for. (Really, no one actually cares until Worlds) You get on a winstreak, and suddenly you're matched with pretty much only other high winstreak players, but THE MOMENT you guys lose, you get placed with other players who are losing their games. Then, you get stuck in that cycle of suffering and pain until you actually win again. Riot has intentionally made it so that even if you lose ONCE you're going to suffer 4 hours later. From what I've witnessed from each respective elo from variety of players (Whether it's extremely low Elo players who can't do anything right or Pro players who seem to be good at everything) have experienced this load of horse radish. I've seen mid master players drop to D1 because of this stupid crap happening to them. Also, from my own personal experience (I'm not that good at the game, I know already) it's happened to me as well. I'm not even tilted and I get continuous losses EDIT: I also wanted to say, Ranked has created a false hierarchy and superiority complex across all Elos that are higher than another. People legitimately think they're better than someone because they pressed buttons better than the other person in a non-existent reality.

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